White Patches on Skin – What Do They Mean?

patches on skinVitiligo is a skin disorder that affects many people. Survey show that 2% of the US population suffers from this skin condition, and an estimate of 100 million individuals globally are affected by this disease. White patches on skin are a major symptom of vitiligo, and you should consult a professional if you notice these symptoms.

This skin disease is a result of damaged of cells that produce the skin pigmentation. The patches occur on different parts of skin that are directly exposed to the sun, like legs, face and hands. However, body parts not exposed to the sun, such as genitals, can also have white patches.

Another common symptom is the graying of hair. As some professionals say, vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, and generally affects melonacyte – something responsible for pigmentation and responsible for damaging them. Research has shown that individuals who are affected by such an autoimmune condition are more vulnerable to vitiligo at some point in their lives.

In addition, there are other reasons, apart from genetics, that can cause the occurrence of vitiligo even on healthy people, like stress, sun tanning, or harmful medicines that are continuously used.

In regards to the treatment of white patches on skin, it has to be stated that there are several methods. Nonetheless, not all of them are effective and some people experience skin irritations and reactions. Going through PUVA treatment is a good example, but as a long term solution that needs over three weeks of visits to professionals that deal with treatment of this skin disease.

Some other remedies like steroids can make the immune system vulnerable. However this method is not recommended considering the side effects. Photo chemotherapy, which at the moment is a popular method. However photo chemotherapy is very expensive in comparison to the other methods, and not everyone can afford it. Skin grafting is another alternative, but similar to other surgeries, it has risks as the body can refuse to accept the skin graft, causing infection and skin disfigurement to occur.

Nowadays, some people are opting to natural methods of treatment. But which of the natural methods are bringing good results and are not expensive?  One effective treatment is use of herbal extracts that have vitamins. Generally this whole approach aims to make the pigmentation factor faster, by generating cells in a less risky and natural way. Lifestyle diet changes are also recommended to cure vitiligo and to prevent it from occurring, certain foods must be avoided.

Testing and a proper diagnosis of vitiligo is essential to treat the white patches on skin. If you opt to treat naturally following the natural methods, you minimize the risk and costs, while getting the most effective treatment. For more information, visit Natural Vitiligo Treatment System.

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