Vitiligo on the Face, Eyes, and Lips

vitiligo on the faceVitiligo is the loss of skin pigmentation and appearance of white spots on the skin. Due to internal immunological methods, the skin can lose colour anywhere and on any place on the face. For cosmetics and personal factors, people with this skin condition are always concerned about the vitiligo spreading on the face. This is seen by others, and it affects an individual greatly on his/her self esteem and social life.

Vitiligo can leave white marks on the face and if the patient refuses to accept the prevailing condition, he/she suffers from self-acceptance and yields to self pity.

From a medical point of view, a random, single patch of vitiligo on the face is quite complex to get rid off or deal with, especially if it spreads to the lips or the edges of the eyes. This makes the treatment complex. It normally forms patches around the eyes and the lips, and the psychological emotions associated with it is very distressful for the patient.

If one suffers from this skin disease on body parts like both eyes, that is again complex to treat as vitiligo on the eyes does not show results immediately. According to practitioners, more than seven thousand cases have been dealt with. For one to have round spots, there could be presence of genetic involvement that is passed from the parents to the offsprings, or from the past family medical conditions. That is someone from his/her family could have had auto-immune conditions such as vitiligo thyroids, alopecia diabetes or cancer.

On many occasions the patient may not know about pre-existing family history and conditions. And later comes to learn from a medical expert, that the cause of his/her existing condition is genetically motivated.

If one of the lips have been affected, it is good to accept and face the fact. The major focus will be to work towards inhibiting the expansive spread rather than just finding remedies for it, this case is complex to treat. Using makeup camouflage or using cream is a good recommendation. Natural vitiligo treatments, however, is an affordable and non-complex alternative solution to the problem.

Vitiligo on both eyes is also complex to treat fully. But some treatment cases have been successful. There is no 100% effective remedy or medicine to keep vitiligo off on any of your body parts, especially the face. The treatment can try to limit the spread process preventing the condition of face vitiligo generally.

Various vitiligo treatments can assist to make the skin look attractive. This is determined by the number of patches, the extent of the patches, and the treatment procedure. Some treatments may not be effective for everyone. Some treatments can bring unwanted side effects. Treatments can take ages, and others may fail. The current treatment options for vitiligo comprise of medical, surgical, and natural treatments. Many of these treatments may be risky and costly.

For effective and affordable treatments, read our review of the Natural Vitiligo Treatment System by Michael Dawson.

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