How You Can Naturally Treat Vitiligo Using 3 Methods

Psoralea corylifoliaBefore going directly into the details on treating vitiligo naturally, it is good to know what it needs.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that discolors the skin, mostly on body parts, such as the face and arms. However it’s not uncommon to have it on other parts of the body. This discoloration is a result of damage and faulty melanocyte cells that are responsible for the color pigmentation.

Many individuals are curious on how they get rid of this skin condition. The major reason why people want to rid off vitiligo is because it leaves white patches on the body parts especially the exposed ones like the face and hands.

Although medical technology can treat this condition (although not fully effective), there is an option of those who would prefer to treat vitiligo in a natural way. This is because:

  • Medical options may result in side effects
  • Medical options are expensive compared to the natural treatments
  • Most medical professionals recommend natural methods as they have found them to be effective in most cases

Apart from this, a benefit of going natural is that the methods don’t carry any side effects or any risk.

Using Lemna Minor

Also known as Wild Duckweed, it is a plant found in fresh water and floats on water, especially streams and ponds. The chemical components of this plant work by acting on making the melanocytes to rejuvenate and bring out the original skin color.

Lemna Minor is normally dried and consumed as tea. Adding honey with crushed leaves is also a good way to consume it. You can also blend the leaves and drink its juice.

Using Honey

Honey is easy to find and is a quick remedy to treat vitiligo naturally. Organic honey can be bought in shops and supermarkets or local farms. Honey can be used in two methods, but both should be carried out simultaneously.

The first process is to take a tablespoon of honey daily. It is taken due to its rich nutrients compared to processed honey. The second way is to use it as medication. Just smear on the white patches and leave it on for around one hour. Others opt to leave it until the skin absorbs it, but experts state that it should be washed off with just water as soap can wash off the important minerals from the skin and make dry.

Psoralea Corylifolia

Psoralea Corylifolia is a herb that may heal vitiligo as it has chemical components called psoralen. This chemical can also be used medically as a natural treatment by the use of ultraviolet lights. However, use of the plant extract brings results due to the chemical components found in the plant.

This plants seeds are dropped in ginger juice for about three days and later dried for additional two days. Afterwards, they are crushed into powder. This powder can also be effective as it is mixed with seeds from cumin and oil from coconuts to be smeared on the body parts that are affected.

The above are the common methods that can naturally treat vitiligo. Other natural methods are available that can be extracted form natural substances that can be effective in treatment, studies are still underway to find the best method.

This information was derived from Michael Dawson’s Natural Vitiligo Treatment System.

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