How to Cure Vitiligo Fast and Effectively

There are a number of treatments for individuals researching how to cure vitiligo fast and effectively. These treatments will work quickly to slow down or stop the spread of the disease, as well as help in returning pigmentation to the skin.

Using Makeup as Temporary Treatment

One of the ways to treat vitiligo is to use makeup. Cosmetics can quickly even out the skin tone, as well as cover up the discoloration and make vitiligo less visible. When searching for cosmetics to help with vitiligo, don’t forget to take a look theatrical makeup as well.

Apply Topical Ointments at the First White Patch Sighting

Topical ointments, such as corticosteroid, will work fast to help the return of pigment to the affected area when applied when the first white patch of vitiligo appears. There are a number of other ointments containing tacrolimus and pimecrolimus that will provide quick results when used on parts of the body like the neck and face.


A quick answer to the question of curing vitiligo fast is phototherapy. This medical procedure, also known as PUVA, utilizes the combination of psoralen and a UVA light. Thirty minutes after the topical ointment psoralen is applied to the affected area, it is exposed to the UVA light. At first, the skin will be a pinkish color before it returns to its normal color. For best results, this treatment should be done at least once or twice a week. However, phototherapy works best for individuals with vitiligo on less than 20% of their body.

A simpler procedure to PUVA is the utilization of the UVB light, which does not require psoralen or any other product. This treatment is still relatively new, so medical professionals are still researching potential side effects.

The Oral Form of Psoralen

Need another quick cure? Try taking psoralen in the pill form. This treatment works well for those with vitiligo on over 20% of their body. Some of the benefits of taking psoralen for vitiligo patients are there are no risks when they sit in the direct sunlight, as well as the fact that they have the option of receiving UVA exposure. With the oral form of psoralen, there is no need for topical ointments.

Ginkgo Three Times a Day

For those that have vitiligo that is spreading slowly, taking ginkgo three times a day can stop the spread of the disease. It is recommended that at least 40 milligrams of ginkgo is consumed to be effective in functioning as a fast vitiligo cure. Moreover, ginkgo can help with returning pigment to the white spots on the skin. It is important that your doctor is notified before taking ginkgo to make sure that there will be no adverse reaction with other medications.

Try Coconut Oil

When contemplating ways to heal vitiligo fast, consider this concoction: mix coconut oil, psoralen powder, black cumin, and barberry root powder until it forms a paste. Spread every day for four to five months to see the whiteness lessening in the vitiligo spots and the skin darkening.

Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurvedic practitioners from the region of South India have created a special ayurvedic diet that works to reduce the white patches on the skin. The diet must be followed for 40 days, along with applying natural medicines in order to see the results of the ayurvedic diet in eight weeks.

Along with a diet of only vegetables, individuals need to consume daily approximately 600 grams of raw cucumber for three weeks. Additionally, three beetle leaves are ingested three times a day.

Drink Margosa Leaf Juice

After grinding freshly washed margosa leaves in a blender and extracting the juice, mix the liquid with 1 teaspoon of honey. Drink the cocktail three times per day for four weeks or longer to see the color return to the skin, as well as the white patches lessening.

With some research, there are several treatments and procedures on how to cure vitiligo quickly. It just depends on the severity of the vitiligo and what each individual suffering with the disease is willing to do. The important factor to note in any and all vitiligo treatments and procedures is that it takes consistency and dedication.

Most of this information was derived from UK-based health consultant, Michael Dawson’s “Natural Vitiligo Treatment System” which covers natural, risk-free treatments for curing vitiligo quickly. Click here to check it out.

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